Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A room for two little girls

A Pretty Bedroom for  two Girls

One of my favourite customers who I have known for years invited me over last week to see the end result of us re-doing her two daughters room. The challange here was originally the curtains were quite dark and the room seemed smaller and darker due to this .We chose white beds with low ends to help largen and lighten the room , Complimentary linens from Red Plum and some lovely art work from the very clever Sprout Gallery and Blue paw and One of our signature Rugs plus some new curtains by our in house curtain makerand Volia the rooms is bigger , brighter and Lighter and Oh so pretty ...

I asked Michelle from Sprout Galllery to come up with a pretty art  design  in pinks and greens to compliment this theme and look what she came up with just Gorgeous isn't it ... She is SSOOOOO Talented
Here are the blue paw art works as well 

Here is another room shot what do you think ladies?

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