Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tips to create a stunning nursery and children’s bedroom

Carey the owner of the stunning children’s interiors shop My First Room put together this list of ideas she uses when creating nurseries for her customers.

  1. To inspire a feeling of safety, security and magic your little ones room should be a haven in which they can sleep, dream and play safely. I do not believe in over coordinating or matching everything but prefer a carefully and cleverly chosen ecleptic mixture that tones together. I often have been known to cut up doona covers to give fabric to my lampshade maker, my artist to create a 3D canvas or sewers to line maize baskets. Thankfully now I have sourced fantastic fabrics so I am not cutting up as many doona covers …. Little compliments make all the difference, hemming a mosquito net with a lovely binding or lining a laundry hamper all add to the finishing touch. Start with a fabric you love for your major and largest piece whether it be a cot quilt, blind or upholstered chair. Then pick two to three co-coordinating fabrics that you can use for soft furnishings, wall canvases and linens. It really is all about creating that unique timeless, magical and nurturing haven for both you and your baby to grow, sleep and play together in.

  2. When designing your nursery do not be afraid of mixing colours and moving away from tradition. One of the most stunning nurseries I have created was one where we used grey walls with red, white and grey linen and accessories. If you are not finding out what you are having then beige and white is an excellent starting point. You can add pastel pink or baby blue in accessories later or for a striking look navy or red both look stunning with beige and whites. Another great colour is pale peppermint or sage green whch looks lovely with either pinks , lavenders or navy .

  3. Always start with colours selection first and shy away from overly bright solid colours for walls. What may seem like a good idea at the time may over stimulate your child and then you will never get any sleep … Choose colours and themes that will grow with your child that are not age specific. By investing in quality timeless pieces You can transform the room from a nursery to toddlers to child’s bedroom by simply adding or changing small items rather than having to rip off winni the pooh wall paper borders that no longer suit your 5 year old.

  4. Storage is always an issue with nurseries as most baby items need to be folded rather than hung I personally found shelves and storage maize baskets to be the easiest options. Choose a wardrobe with both shelving , drawers and hanging space or alternatively a chest of drawers with an adjustable change tray on top that can be removed rather than an actual change table which you will only use for a couple of years and do not provide any storage. We recommend the Locally made sunbury adjustable change tray and range of furniture.

  5. Themes are always fun but remember pick timeless, classic ideas that will age with your child. The wiggles may seem fun now but will they want it for ever? Often you can take inspiration from a favourite toy from your own childhood. Some different boys themes are western cowboys , pirates , hot air balloons, airplanes and dinosaurs along with the traditional nautical and transport themes. Girls are moving towards strawberries or lady birds as well as the obvious flowers, fairies and butterflies.

  6. Personalise it. Children love having their names in their rooms. Our artists create individual art work canvases just for your child with their own theme. Small square canvases or timber blocks with their names on in your choice of colours or fabrics are popular too. Personalised linen with their names on can be a wonderful choice as can decoupage letters for the wall or door.

  7. Obviously we need to put safety as the main priority. No matter how beautiful it looks as first time mothers we are sometimes unaware of potential risks to a new baby. Be careful of any linen with bows, buttons or appliqué. Ensure they are securely attached and can never be pulled off by little fingers and put into little mouths. Be careful of placement of mobiles ensuring your child can not reach them and again ensure they are attached securely. Ensure your furniture and window coverings fit the Australian safety regulations. Blinds and curtains should never have a chord with a loop dangling which could endanger the risk of strangling. Never place the cot near curtains that could be pulled over your baby’s face.

  8. Once you have checked your nursery for safety and have made it perfect you can finally relax and enjoy your precious time with your new baby . Take a moment to enjoy this time with them as it passes so quickly !!!!

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