Monday, March 22, 2010

Stylish kid's PJs

Well it has been ages since I did my last blog what with running a shop, starting a web site from scratch and bringing up two little boys. I hope you can forgive me. I am under so much pressure from my client's,
web customers, family and friends to get this going again,
so here goes...

As a mum of two boys ages two and four, I really felt there was a huge hole in the market and general lack of boy's gorgeous pyjamas. By that I mean really gorgeous as in cute, stylish, tasteful and practical. All I could find were the garish ones with bold and sometimes tacky trucks or cartoon figures. Naturally there were lots of beautiful girl's pyjamas around but I wanted to find that special something for the boys. I wanted the usual quality that is synonymous with My First Room and, guess what, I found...

I discovered them in Melbourne at the lovely
Kids in Style fair and did my first initial order. There were so many designs to choose from. They arrived in store for the summer and some of the boy designs sold
out in the first few days!!!
My favourites were the planes and beach huts.

We are now into our fourth season with Huckleberry Lane PJs and they just keep getting better. This season I got a bit carried away and ordered five boys' styles and only two girls' styles. Whoops! The boys range was so cute I just ordered them all. Oh and some exciting news for Huckleberry Lane. They have been invited to sell their beautiful children's pyjamas in Harrods of Knightsbridge. So now the little boys in London can be just as gorgeous in the PJs as their
Aussie counterparts.

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