Sunday, April 4, 2010

Instant room transformation

Wall stickers I think are one of the most fun, simple and easy way to transform your child’s room. What makes them so wonderful is that the fact that you quickly and inexpensively change the whole theme of the room and get your creative juices flowing whilst deciding where to place them. The two brands I sell are both totally reusable and moveable. Perfect for if you are renting or if you do not want to put nails or hooks in your walls. The market seemed to be flooding with ones that all seemed to look the same to me until I came across in my late nights searches the brands Little chipipi moveables and more recently the company Love Mae.
Both are small Australian family run companies who are lovely to deal with. Both are mums who are extremely talented graphic designers who have absolutely amazing designs that actually compliment each other despite them being made with different mediums and textures. My Little Chipipi Favourites are the Gorgeous Red Robin and Butterflies and for the Boys Ships Ahoy and Drive Time.
Love Mae wall stickers which are actually made of fabrics do the most gorgeous build a tree, forest critters and deers alongside some amazing Dinosaurs and Vintage car designs. Both companies also do some lovely alphabet letters too.

So next time you want inspiration and a quick fix of decorating with your child’s help why not revamp their room together. It has kept my 4 year occupied for hours and that alone is worth the money …..