Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One more thing on PJs...

Well I must say there is nothing better than a good night sleep for mums. I am very very dysfunctional and can get down right nasty if I am woken too many times during the night by my boys. I realised this very early on in my motherhood days and researched ways in which to get that blissful uninterrupted sleep. I found and read in may books on the subject that babies wake mainly if they are hungry or cold.
So first step feed them loads before bed time. Problem solved. Secondly make sure they are warm. I put them in a sleeping bag as it does get very cold in our house at night. At first I was worried about them being too warm but was re-assured by numerous sleeping consultants and Libby the owner of eeni meeni that as the armholes are so generous this would not be the case. You know what it worked!!! Both boys hit the magical 7pm to 7am by the time they were 3 months old .
I first used the sleeping sacks for new borns and then the sleeping cocoons. I honestly believe this is why they both are such good sleepers. When you think about it does make sense if we are cold at night we can pull a blanket over us but toddlers and babies can not so they cry for us to fix the problem.
So if you have a toddler who has never been a good night sleeper this just might be the answer….

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