Monday, March 29, 2010

More gorgeous kid's PJs

There is nothing nicer at the end of the day after my boys have had their bath and are squeaky clean albeit momentarily to get them dressed in their PJs. They both look like little Angels and their naughty pranks of the day are forgotten as we read their favourite books before they go off to the land of nod. Actually I think I am a PJ addict which is why, I stock so many. My First Room stocks a very exclusive range of boutique and small company PJs and I am always on the look out for beautiful new and unique designs.

Last post I wrote about Huckleberry Lane ’s gorgeous Boys Range. Their Girl’s range is just as beautiful and is extremely popular.

Other labels that we have are beautiful are the gingerlilly children’s range , range and the eeni meeni mini moh range . Eeni Meeni ‘s quality is absolutely superb . My first son demanded to wear the same set practically every night- as a result there were constantly washed and dried after a year we moved on to the next season’s pair and now my second son is wearing that original pair and they are still looking brand new .

Other brands that we are taking delivery of soon are Ouch Pyjamas and Books to Wear Two brands that I know you will love …

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Paper Tree Design said...

Hi, Can't believe it's time to buy P.J's already. At least the choice is made easier with your beautiful range. Glad to see you are posting on your blog again. I have added you to my favourites list on my site where I have just started my own blog. Look forward to seeing more lovely things from your store. Michelle